‘Why do you even bother being healthy?’

Today I got asked why I still bother going to the gym now that prom is over. It has been over for two weeks now, and for the past few days, I’ve been working it hard at the gym. Why? Why not? I feel obligated to go. For my good internal health along with my physical health. In the past half year, I have been seeing results and that just motivates me that much more. I know, sometimes I get side tracked and is just lazy, but in the long run. I really am trying. Seeing the results makes me feel like I’m slowly accomplishing something. It’s not a super drastic change where I’m going to obese to a twig but it’s there.

Date:                         September 14,2009 -► May 28, 2010
Weight:                    133lbs -► 127lbs
BMI:                           23.6 -► 22.5
MAx VO2:                  66 -► 89
Max Pushups:         17 -► 50
Flexibilty:                  11″ -► 14″
Body Fat Comp:      37.4% -► 25%
Overall Fitness:       63% -► 82%

As you can see, there are results. Some more significant than others. The fact that I went form a C- in fitness level to a A- makes me very happy. My fitness finally measures up to my school nerdiness! What I am even more happy about is the drop in my body fat percentage. After checking with several internet sites, at 37% that is seen as overfat, too high and obese. After dropping 12.4% body fat and finally landing in the acceptable and healthy range I’m extremely content. I was devastated when I was first measured, people didn’t believe me and and neither did I. I felt ashamed and gross that I have gotten so unhealthy in the pass few years. Now I’m happy that I’m at where I am now, and I want it to go even lower more active percentage.

Why do I want to be fit? There are a few reasons.

  • I want to look good naked. I’ve mentioned this before, but I really do. This might sound bad but, unless I can feel good about looking at myself naked, I won’t be able to feel comfortable with someone else seeing me in my birthday suit. I want to be presentable you know, though I really don’t know when this moment will come where I will have to unravel my wrapping. Weeks? ( I hope to god no.) Months? (Not really either) Years? I want to maintain in top physique when the time comes. On another note, When the time does come. I want to be on top physically; externally and internally. I want to make my man feel proud to have wound up with a girl with a body like mine. And I also want to be fit so I can rock all night. Who wants to ‘play’ with some one that gets tired after 5 mins?
  • I want to look good clothed. Different people can pull off different styles. But when one has a nice body, they are just able to look good in a lot of stuff. I don’t have anything to hide. Nt bulge here, no flab there. It is easier for them to just get up and leave. One does not have to stand in front of the mirror contemplating on which outfit to wear because they just don’t ‘work’
  • I want to be seen as a healthy active person. When I see people that look as if they take care of their body, it makes me want to do the same. Someone with a nicely toned body. There isn’t much of that around with the world we live in today. When you see people like that, you can just feel the hard work they must put in. The hours and the gym, the choices of food that have to make and the urges that they have to control. No I’m not talking salads everyday, I’m just thinking of balanced daily diet with a treat every now and then. I’m not there, I’m still trying to slowly get my eating habits in lined. At least I’m trying. This is going to sound very vain, but I also want people envy my body. I know I do that to other people, I say stuff like ‘I like her hamstrings’ or ‘I want her body’ Well some of those stuff is achievable, as long as I have a goal in mind. It is POSSIBLE to work out to have a nice defined hamstring. And it CAN be possible to have a nice toned body. It just depends on how much I want it, and how much blood, sweat and tears I’m willing to put in.
  • I want to be happy. One of the things I stress about most is my body image. I’m very self conscious, I care about how I look all the time. I feel gross and I avoid looking into mirrors from time to time. I know I might never be 100% happy with what I got, but is it so hard to accept that I am trying my best. The maximum I can get could be 75%, but at least it’s getting better. This is something I do have control over. And as things are getting better with my body and me, feeling more confident about it, there really are less to worry about. I can use the space in my mind that I used to stress about my body image onto other things. I know my body will never be perfect in my mind, but why should I settle with being unhappy with it, when I have the opportunity to improve on myself?

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