So since the last time I posted, I have accepted an offer to my number two university for an alternative program. This was definitely not what I thought was going to happen. But we should take every opportunity we get and be optimistic about it right? I am going to get an education this year, I will be able to experience the university life, I will be able to learn things inside and out side of school that will aide me in my reapplication for next year.

There isn’t much I can say about this. Of course it would have been lovely to have gotten into the university of choice, but everything happens for a reason. This is just a minor speed bump in my journey of life.

I’m heading off the somewhere new this fall. Six hours away, limiting the time I can see my family and local friends. Not only am I leaving my current location that I have lived in for the past 9 years, I’m entering adulthood. A place of independence. I want to know how I take this change of environment, I want to know if I am a strong enough person to handle living by myself and being responsible for my own actions and thoughts. This was no surprise from day one, that I will have to take this large step forward. It just chills me to think that this will happen in less than a month.

I’m scared, yet I’m excited. There are so much mixed emotions, mostly good. I know I will being feeling more as time comes closer to when I will have to leave everyone. It sounds like I’m leaving forever and never coming back, but I am leaving. I’m leaving the previous chapter of my life. I will not be looking back, only forward, It’s time to make new memories.


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