Seven Deadly Sins: Envy.

I’m a jealous bitch.

I get jealous of everyone and everything. I see my friends, and I get jealous of things that they get or things that happen to them. I know your not suppose to compare yourself to your friends, but when I know them so well, it’s just so easy. I envy how they look, compared to me. I get jealous when we’re out together and I know for a fact that they look better than me. I get jealous that people actually like them, and they always have someone to talk to. While I’m the awkward other girl that is lagging around. I get jealous they’re experiences, I envy all the stories they tell me about their interesting days. I always just sit and listen, wondering when it will be my day to share my stories. Anything to balance out the the friendship. I get jealous of them getting what they want, refer to previous post. I get jealous of what they have, stuff that I don’t.

I’m scared that I’m going to be a jealous girlfriend. Well that’s a dealbreaker.


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