Not until…

I will never feel truly beautiful inside and out; till someone will be able to like me as a whole; till someone can see me past my humour and know who I really am on the inside; till someone will be there to call me beautiful when I feel down; till someone won’t care about all the silly things I do; till someone can tell people I’m their’s without a hint of embarrassment; till someone cares about me more than I can ever imagine; till someone treats me the way all the other girls get treated; till I’m not seen as a materialistic slampiece; till someone not only talks to me when they’re drunk, but also when they’re sober; till someone would take time out of their day to make me smile; till someone will want to kiss me because they like me, not because it adds another number to their list; till someone will ignore other girls to make me feel special.

I’m asking for a lot, but I just want to feel that way.

I’ve been waiting for too long, and now I just feel desperate. I feel so disconnected with everyone else. I feel ugly and useless. Unwanted and invisible. I want it to change.


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