I finally got my mark for the one course that I’ve been waiting for! I thought I was going to do good, I spent so much time into it. I got a B.

I’ve been having dreams about getting my mark for it, and waking up to find that it was only a dream. Not I wish this was a dream! I wanted atleast an A-.

I feel so gross right now, I feel like a failure. I guess I could have done better, but I thought what I put in was efficient, I guess they wanted more.

You know what this feels like? It felt like when I got my rejection from the school. It feels kind of worse though, because I actually tried and wanted a good mark. I told people that I wasn’t satisfy with the 83 I got in my dream, that I wanted it to be above that. That’s why it’s such a big deal, because I thought I was good enough, so I gave myself a basepoint.

Now I have to try extra hard on my portfolio, even if I think it’s good, this cold happen. I have to go over what they are expecting.

I guess this was a motivational stone, but still, I wanted this to be a mark that would raise my GPA, not slightly lower it. Ugh.


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