Sometimes people have to think of themselves and spoil themselves with what they want.

If things aren’t working out, things that you can’t control. Make yourself happy with something that you do have control of.

So here it is, in black and white;

If I end my first year of university (End of April) and still not have had a thing with a guy, I will treat myself to an industrial piercing.

Why not? Why am I giving myself a ‘deadline’? Well if you read my previous posts, a boy is something that I really want right now. 19 years old and have not been in a relationship, you tell me what’s wrong there. Also, recently, I also wanted an industrial piercing. So really, it’s a win-win situation, not matter what happens, I will get something I want. It isn’t to say that I will try to avoid boys just so I can get a piercing. They’re both not needs, just wants. And to make this a little more clear, ‘having a thing with a guy’ means just being able to share mutual feelings with someone. This may be seeing or dating someone, just so long as I can feel the least bit good about myself that something is kind of working out.

I really don’t know what the logic behind this was, but I can’t complain. Whatever happens happens. Everything happens for a reason, maybe I am suppose to get a guy and not get this piercing, or maybe I’m not suppose to get a guy and get an awesome piercing. We’ll see how this turns out.


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