The result.

Was the date a success? I don’t know. I didn’t leave this one with the same satisfactory feeling as our first one. I walked away, and I wondered what exactly happened. It felt like a hang out if anything, so it’s really up in the air if there would be a round 3.

We talked about a lot of stuff again, just this and that. Nothing too deep. He bought me beaver tails and looked at ice sculptures. There was the awkward moment, or course we tried to get rid of those.

I really don’t know. I would like a redo, kind of. There were the good parts of course, but the less than interesting parts were there too. So they kind of cancelled each other out. It ended with us getting off the bus and me running for my bus which was quickly leaving ahead, no time for a hug.

I said thank you for the beavertail and that I had a fun time (That was something he said a few times when we were hanging out) with a smiley face and a winky face, he replied with a ‘me too :)’ I then tried hitting up a convo on facebook chat, joking about something and there was minimal response. Now what? So it’s really up to him.

Hmm maybe he’s feeling the same and I should give him a clue that I’m still interested hanging out. Maybe tomorrow I should casual send a message saying we should play again sometime, just something cute and innocent. Okay that’s the plan.


3 responses to “The result.

  1. i remember something i told my ex-girlfriend after a time.

    i said that just being able too be around you, is great, i know you got your own dreams and aspirations, and i dont want too get in the way of that, id rather come along side, and nothing lasts, but im just grateful for the time i get too share with yah.

    dating, is usually hard, especially for the neurotics like us, because our mind goes pretty quick with non-chalant details. and the “end” with the run for the bus’s bring to a quick close the more important aspect of the date, the goodbye.

    guys, sometimes, when we feel the ending doesn’t go good, we sorta wonder if she isn’t interested, and clam up, as opposed to exerting ourselves harder, for fear of rejection. so remember, guys are probably just as nervous, if not moreso sometimes, as you. same fears, fears of rejection, of failure, of success, and worthiness. just a general tip, shut off the mind best you can, it will save unnecessary neuroticness. although easier said than done, especially with the opposite sex.

    Dating is playful, and it seems outside of the awkward moments that tend too happen, you had fun no? so congrats, on the date:)

    • Thanks! It feels a lot better hearing what it’s like from a guy’s point of view. I’m definetly going to try to show that I’m still interested. What’s the worst that can happen right? I just don’t do this kind of stuff often to know what things mean.

  2. the very worst, that can happen, is that he isn’t interested, and you learn a little bit more about dating, and eventually find someone who will bring out the amazingness of your personality.And thats just general mathematics via statistics.

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