Who’s that chick?

I’m watching a show called Awkward right now, currently hooked and it got me thinking. She blogged about wanting to be socially visible, and be that girl. 

That’s what I want to be this coming semester. I want to be that girl. That one girl that people would ask their friends about, to want to know who ‘that’ girl’ is. Of course all this on a positive note. I want to be even more friendly and social. So what are the steps of getting what I want?

  1. Stop being a pussy. I need to stop worrying about what other people thinks. I know I’m weird, people know I’m weird, so what’s the problem. I need to do whatever that floats my boat without fearing that I’ll be judged. I know I have the better judgement in my actions, so why be embarrassed about them. If certain people can’t handle the way I am, they’re not worth my time. I’ve come a long way in the past 3 months, meeting more people than I ever thought would be possible, so Imma do me and take risks.
  2. Have swag. Be confident, be happy with myself. I’m not going to be 100% everyday, I can always try to make myself more confident; in other words, go to the gym. Feel good and I’ll automatically look good. 
  3. Be my own person. I want to break from stereotypes. Being a female engineer, I am already a minority, the guys in the program cannot take me seriously. The people that I meet are surprised when I tell them I am a engineer. Yes, I don’t fit in the nerdy stereotype but that doesn’t make me dumb. Coming from another side of things, being a in a sorority makes people take me less seriously. Because there is more of a social requirement on my part, people have another reason to judge my intelligence. I am not a cookie cutter girl, I don’t just fit into any stereotype that can allow people to have preassumptions about me without even know me. I want to be able to prove people wrong, and really make people ask ‘who is that girl?’ I am going to drown myself in school, and be the smart sorority engineering student that people don’t always expect.

In reality, I just made my basic New Years Resolution. These are all self adjustments that can be achieved by just doing more self reflecting and giving myself step-by-step short term goals. I am going to do this and be ‘That Girl’


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