Make things happen.

I want to be able to start making things happen in my life. I’m tired of just lounging around and waiting for things to pop up, hoping that something interesting, out of the blue will occur. I also feel like this is the age, where I have to start thinking of my future and my journey towards my final goal. I need to start saving, planning, dreaming of the stepping stones towards whatever I am going to end up doing. 

I want to reach out and get out of my way to make contact with different people and organization to broaden my horizon of possibilities. I want to be able to give myself opportunities that may not simply present itself to me. I recently creeped this girl that I met a few times, who is the daughter of my mum’s ex co-worker. In the past two years, she has made things happen for herself. She got into modelling all by herself, and now has endless connections and opportunities. I’m not saying I want to be a model, that is not realistic for me, but I want to be able to make something of myself. 

I want to build up a resume experiences that can help shape me as a person. I no longer want to go through life putting in minimum effort to help those around me. I want to reach out and help people in need. Though time may not always be on my side, I at least want to gain the experience and the overall up lifting feel after helping out someone in need. 

In the program that I am in, I have the opportunity to do co-op. I want to do it in a new environment, somewhere that will aid me in my quest of travel. I want to throw myself into a whole new place, where I need to learn to make it out alive alone; to make me a stronger person. I think it is such an envious skill, to be able to adjust to new environments. The ability to look through the loneliness and stand up when you are the most alone without people close to your life around you. Strength, versatility and endurance to know that there is a reward at the end. 


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