I’m Orange. First year university student blogging her experiences of the next chapter of her life.
Note* Most of what I write did not go through a filter, so please don’t take anything I say personally, it’s just a personal opinion in most cases and I do not wish to offend anyone. I don’t want my words to be taken too seriously. I’m not saying that what I say are lies, but I don’t want anyone to put too much thought into what I write. this is a place where I can vent my feelings, with or without anyone reading it.

15 responses to “Introductions.

  1. …finds amusement from talking about herself like shes another…

    So, you are not Orange OR you are Orange, but the above things are not off Orange??

    Anyways, Just a Hi to you.

  2. You have a really good personality as I went through your blog including this page you wrote.

    The way you said you don’t want the things you wrote to be taken seriously is really a good idea I think.

    The things around you affect you easily…hmm…I was like that before but I thought to myself that no matter, if we worry about other opinion’s too much, we will get really tired and frustrated. And sometimes, no matter what, we can’t totally guess what other think of us, and surely not totally correct with our estimations. It’s best to care about our selves and to do the things we want to do without other people who keep bothering us.

  3. hey, just so you know, your nickname here is still “tangjuicestacy” and if you want to get rid of it you should go and edit your comments =)

  4. ohkay. this will sound very sad … but i think i have read every blog … wow . what am i doing with my life ? i’m going to stop coming here now before i become an ultra loser. peace son. πŸ™‚ love yah girlie.

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