Underage drinking at school.

jello shots equivilant to 3 smirnoff shots plus 2 shots of captain morgans plus a banana twistee shot plus half a beer plus another shot of smirnoff straight plus no lunch or supper equals not so sweet feeling night.

it was a good night i guess. here’s the load down.

  • 5:00-6:30 locked my brothers in their rooms with food and games. drink and act like idiots.
  • 6:30-7:00 stumbled to school, holding up a friend so he can walk and scraped up my ankles.
  • 7:00-7:10 freaked because i couldn’t find my ticket, went all over looking for it. finally found it in my pocket.
  • 7:10-8:30 lost all morals and conscience, danced with date. got many dirty looks.
  • 8:30-9:00 regain all morals and conscience rethought about the night. felt sick.
  • 9:00-9:15 FOOOD came. eat.
  • 9:15-10:00 almost sobered up. danced with friends.
  • 10:00 -10:10 looked for camera. called taxi.
  • 10:20-11:00 got home. changed, cleaned up the mess. talked about the night.
  • 11:00-12:00 computer games and stuff.
  • 12:00-1:00 watched lipo-action on dr.90210. sleep.


the night was like a rollarcoaster. good bad good. it was fun when we were chilling at my house and doing what ever we wanted to do. then it went downhill after that. we were too drunk to just get a ride to the school. so we thought it would be better if we walked and see if it will wear off during that time. we walked and one of my friends ended being to trashed to even think about trying to get in so he went home. then i was too nervous and paranoid that i wasnt able to get in. i was surprised that i didnt get in touble. after we got in the gym. alcohol kicked in full blast and me and my date danced like whores. lets not talk about that again. empty stomach killed half the night. then things finally lightened up when the muchies got here. i ate 3 slices of pizza. a whole bunch of cucumbers with dip. mmmm! and some cake thing with spinach dip. it was good. i think imma go out and get some now. after that. i was feeling on top of the world. we left an hour early at 10 and we recapped about the night.

never again am i drinking for a school event again.