I’m a sucker for pretty things, who isn’t? But for me, I take everything around me in. Maybe it is the artistic view that I have developed in the past few years. I take in colour, shapes and space of everything I see. I’m always on the look out for beautiful things. I observe and record. I want to keep what I feel is an amazing visual spectacle to me forever. I take pictures, I draw, I paint, and I save. I like scavaging through the internet, looking for beautiful icons and graphics. I’m a nerd. I’m not going to deny that.

Anything can be beautiful, and everything is! I’m sure you can even make a pile of poo look beautiful if you look at it in the right angle, with the right lighting. ( I bet it would be difficult though, but it’s possible?)

I love breath taking scenes and landscapes that our earth has to offer. Be it completely nature or totally urban, it is still beautiful



I want to look good naked. Someday, i will achieve the state of body that i want. just someday. i will try this summer, i will stick to a health plan and actually go out for the runs ive been telling myself to do since last year. ( it lasted a week tops) i’m considered a fat asian and i can totally see it too. i want to fit into a small, well sometimes i can. but i want to fit into it nicely like those girls that are size small can. i dont wanna worry about how i look when i’m wearing a certain type of shirt or pants. i want things to just look nice on me, without me even trying.

i will look good for grade 12 if not prom. mark my words.

anywho i think i have an obsessions for icons. i always had. i would see pretty icons that i like and save them and collect a shit load. i was never the type to have a little icon site either like those people on xanga. i had don’t like the idea that i have to keep updating and satisfying the people with more icons. its like a job where i’m not getting paid. so i save the icons for myself only 🙂 heh