I don’t usually write about things that happen during my days, but I felt that it was kind of interesting compared to the my regular life. Good weekend this was. It is an amazing way to finish off my semester and to start the new semester.

Day 1 : I woke up early Friday morning to get a ride to my cousin’s (let’s call her e) university for the weekend. We had breakfast, this was the moment when I was first amused by the amazingness of university. The commons was like a mini mall food court, they had everything. The best part was that my cousin paid for my food with her amazing uni card. Around noon when her friend ( and we’ll call her s )got off class, we took the bus to Toronto for some shopping. It was fun, but it was cold as heck. We walked so much in and outside the mall. We came home around 7ish. We ate the amazing food from the commons again. We got back to the room, and we had a few people over and I watched them play vodka pong ( apparently this is called casual drinking) . I got offered for a shot, but what’s the point when you’re not going to get drunk. We slept early because I was up early that day.

Day 2 : I woke up, showered and just sat there as the roomates slept. I thought it was later on in the morning, but it was on 9, eff my life. Got food, and walked 20 mins to go to this amazing grocery store. Me and e got juice, icing and beer cups. We got back to s’s room and made cupcakes. I’ve never made cupcake before, and the icing was delicious. We had fun decorating the cupcakes and I had fun playing with s’s nerf gun, that basically became my favourite toy of life. After we finished, i went to the atm machine and took out some money for the alch store. The plan that night was to hangout in e’s room and just drink. Personally I thought it was kind of lame just sitting in her room with some people and just drinking. I thought it was going to better than that. S then suggested that we go to the university bar that was on campus. The only problem was that I was neither 19 or did I go to the university. We were desperate for ways to get in. At a point we thought of getting another asian girl’s school id. That was rejected. We all got ready for 10 and thought that maybe if we go early enough that they will not check id. Well we got there, and surveyed the surroundings. If plan A didn’t work, they would get in and sneak out in though the back. I didn’t get to go in, the bouncers were lame, so plan B was on. I was so scared, I waited outside in the cold. Not only did I not have a coat, I was in clubbing attire. There was a bouncer guarding the stairs that leads down to the back, so this was where all my hopes were lost. I just stood there talking to s on the phone. They came up and was like ‘ Are you coming in?’ We ended paying the bouncer $15 to let me in and he gave me bracelet that allows me drink. He was nice. Apparently, he was about to call me over anyways to see if I wanted to get in. I wanted to hug him. We got in and I was now 19 years old. It feels good to be served. It was great, there were cute university guys everywhere, and I just watch them. Let’s just say this was better than just drinking in the dorm. I became best friends with this one bathroom stall as I kept needing to use the washroom. Dancing was fun, at a moment I was annoyed that there was no one dancing with me. Speak of the devil, someone came behind me. Being under the influence, it got pretty bad. I made out with a total stranger. Bad. E and s dragged me to leave soon after and we walked back.  We ran around the dorms abit and went to this guys room and I did some stupid things, i put a slice of pizza on someone’s drawer… Good night.

Day 3 : I woke up, and showered. I found this weird hives, scratches on my shin. Same place on both legs. It was weird. I swear it was not my boots, but they are not high enough. Weird. After s and e woke up we talked about the night before. I nevered laughed so hard in my life. We did the norms and now I’m here.

I think this is the least formal post I’ve ever made, but I just want to post it to remember everything for the future. Please don’t judge me for what you read. What I learned in the past few days: that I am able to make new friends and get alon with new people, that university life is amazing, well the social aspect that is, that money and get you into anything, and that freshman 15 can really happen.



I was looking at alcohol prices on the internet. Soon i came to the urge to go to the Hpnotiq vodka site. I have been there and lied about my birthdate to get on the site, but i was curious so i entered my real birth year to see what happens.

They sent me to a Councilling site for underaged drinkers.

FML? more like  LMFAO.


i have never hated someone so much in my life. i want to cry every time i have the least bit of rage towards him. it’s more then a simple sibling relationship malfunction. whenever i vent about how much i hate my brother, my friends would just say deep inside, i do really love him. i don’t love him. i don’t even like him. i can’t stand the look of him. i’m usually not a violent person, but he is the one that can trigger me to imagine all the horrible things i can do to him. i would literally beat the living shit out of him and smash his head onto the pavement. he can die a slow horrible painful death for all i care. and even if that does happen. i wonder how amazing life would be with out the existance of my brother. my throat wouldn’t ache anymore from yelling at him every single day. my mind wouldn’t explode from all the effort i need to not slit his throat. i’ve never been so graphically gorey in my life with the things i wish would happen to him, until recent a recent ‘snapage’ from that little mother fucker. i have no other emotions except for hate and rage towards that person. i guess i’ve grown up thinking that i have to like him, that it was a moral requirement under the family rules of life. but i understand now that i don’t have to treat him like a brother, i don’t have to pretend i ‘love’ him. i don’t have to make him feel the least be relevant to me in any way. i only have one and half year of dealing with that spawn from satan. after i leave, i don’t have to speak to him ever again. i can come home from university and ignore him while i bond with the rest of the family.
i’m happy just thinking of him out of my life.

Lotion drinking.

semi formal is november 29th. here’s the deal.

  • wake up. take a shower. make jello shots for later that night.

    one cup hot water, one cup vodka

  • have lunch, but not too much to maintain a flat belly.
  • lovely ladies arrive soon after. prep for semi.
  • fill travel-size lotion bottles with smirnoff green apple.
  • eat small supper.
  • devoer jello shots before leaving the house.
  • head to washroom and drink lotion.

what hassles underage teens have to go through eh?

i’m a bad asian.