just a list of stuff that i want, and that i would save up my monthly allowance to achieve. i’ve made wishlistes before, but i never had the money and patience to save up to them. maybe this time it would be different.

  • New Birks. I’ve had mine since the 6th grade (Yes my feet hasn’t grown since then. and neither has my height) so no one can say they can last any longer. they are dieing very very slowly.
  • Skins series 1 & 2 dvd set. I need these babies, too bad their effing 40 bucks each and their off the internet.
  • New glasses. I want something new and hip. since i wear contacts daily i don’t really think about my specs, but i really want new ones with new prescription. these puppies are over a year overdue.
  • New sneakers. My current sneakers are from march two years ago. As you can see i’m not a big shoe person. Something unique and different. I want to get something ‘hightop-sy’
  • A light concealer. Nothing drastic, just something to lessen my circles and occasional devils.
  • Hypnotq. I’ve wanted it ever since i’ve set my eyes on it. And after i get it, it can stay at the lovely spot at the back of my closet. It wasn’t as good as I hoped it to be.
  • Ipod shuffle. This can actually wait till after i graduate. Not an essential, just a simple want. I’m tired of listening to music from my shitty phone and other people’s ipods.
  • Amélie movie dvd and soundtrack. This was such a beautiful movie and the fact that it was french with english subtitles made it better. I’m hooked. the music is so peaceful and reminds me so much of paris.
  • A Hayao Miyazaki film. I basically think all his films are so beautifully created and directed. they all give me that warm fuzzy feeling and usually make me end up crying because i don’t want the movie to end. yes i’m that lame! My fave has to be Howe’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service but they’re all good!
  • Oil Paints. I have discovered that these are the kind of paint that i can and enjoy painting with really well. i love how its so thick like acrylic but yet takes forever to dry. if only i have more, that way i can paint more.
  • Were The World Mine I accidentally stumbled upon this movie when i was on the plane back from France. It was a fabulous film, I usually dread musicals but this was amazing! I’m definetly getting this when it comes out on June 9th. I can’t wait.
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream I love this play of shake spears. i think it’s because it witty and comical. I always like it, ever since we looked at the summarized/brief version in grade seven. I watched ‘Were the World Mine’ (refer to above) today and now i really want a copy of the play/book.
  • Abercrombie Fierce Yes it is a cologne, but we are in the 21th century people, UNISEX all the way. It’s sex in a bottle enough said.
  • Late Night Alumni CD I love the sound of this band, it’s so calming and atmospherical.
  • World Map Bulletin Board I want to travel to so many places, and I want a place where I can display all the places I’ve been to or want to go. I want a big one that I can hang up on my wall and have it be a big decorative element to my room. But man are those expensive.
  • Count of Monte Cristo Novel I remember seeing this movie a few years ago and enjoying it alot. So I would want a copy of the novel, seeing as the books are usually better than the film versions.
  • Black 1460 Dr Marten Boots They are so hot, I can just see myself pairing it up with different outfits and giving an edge to it.
  • more to come…

last updated : 07/11/10


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